Ok, If You Really Insist!

Ok, If You Really Insist!

Just when you think you have heard and seen it all… Beware, because there is another one lurking in the bushes.

Ok, even if you really still insist that it’s you, I still don’t believe you.

This person whoever it may be still insisted that the pic that she sent to me was a picture of herself. She had no idea that I had already run the StopPGS Scam Check on her or him already.

So, let me let you take a look a the brief conversation that we had. Check it out below. It’s funny and yet sad at the same time.

The Con-versation with the so-called “Beverly Bonner Rogers”

Beverly Bonner Rogers
You’re friends on Facebook
Former Staff writer at Chrome Hair Salon – Magnolia Texas
Lives in Nevedal, Sogn Og Fjordane, Norway

Beverly Bonner Rogers
Hey, where is your profile pic?
Beverly Bonner Rogers
 This is actually a pic of a young lady
by the name of Sheila Rodney you can
find her on Twitter.
Yeah right???
Beverly Bonner Rogers
And you
This me today. Happy Easter.
You got another pic of yourself?
Cause…let’s be honest. That’s not you. I know who you really are and where you belong. Check this out.

Pretty Girls And Scams
Personal Blog
You invited Beverly Bonner Rogers to join Messenger.

You invited Beverly Bonner Rogers to Messenger.
Sending messages is fast and more fun on Messenger. Get a link sent to your phone to install the app.
Beverly Bonner Rogers
That me
Beverly Bonner Rogers
Beverly Bonner Rogers
( This person is really crazy… She tells me thanks because she thinks that I am complimenting her on the pic that she sent. I only said Wow… because she had the nerve to send me another fake photo.)

Beverly Bonner Rogers
I’m working now. Can’t chat. Off at 7 pm
Here is where the scam breaks down. Below you will find pics that this person sent to me claiming to be of herself

I found this on Google

Pages that include matching images

sheila rodney (@sheila_rodney11) | Twitter


746 × 960 – The latest Tweets from sheila rodney (@sheila_rodney11): “There is no remedy for love but to love more https://t.co/a8nXcNaG0M”

I really don’t need to show any more, do I?

Hey, guys and gals there are a lot Beverly Bonner Rogers out there lurking around the internet. I need your help exposing them. I can’t do it alone and it’s impossible for one person to expose them all.
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