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Sometimes We Have To Go Through Something

Not very long ago I encountered a young person that I honestly fell for both mentally and physically. I guess you may be wondering why I say that I encountered a young person…huh? Be patient and keep reading because that’s part of the reason why I say that sometimes we have to go through something.

Fake photo marta James
This is a fake Facebook profile pic of Marta James. This is really an actress-model that goes by the name Tori Brixx. Who wouldn’t fall for a face like that?

Hey, do you know that to this day I still haven’t been able to see a real photo of this person? So I don’t know if this person was a man or a woman? And you do know that scammers will portray themselves as either or…male or female? It just depends on the mark or the victim that they are targeting at the time. But what I can tell you is that I was led to believe that I was talking to a beautiful young woman. And I mean a drop dead gorgeous woman too.

The Big Discovery

Before I tell you about my big discovery let me just say this… Well, I changed my mind I’ll tell you now.
Have you ever wondered why scams are permitted to continue in our society today?

Well, here’s the answer…The reason that scams and scammers of all sorts continue to plague our society is that people are too ashamed to speak up when it happens to them. It’s really that simple. I get that though…

Listen, friend, nobody and I means nobody ever wants to admit that they’re not as smart or wise as people may have thought them to be.

So, because of the shame and embarrassment that one may be feeling or may be experiencing after being duped, they tuck themselves away in the silent corners of their emotions and no one is the wiser about what they have been through.

I am exposing scammers, so if you are a confidence scam artist beware because if I find you out, people will know about you all over social media. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram you name it.)

Now, if you have read this article down this point, I want you to understand that I have really struggled with putting this article and this website together and publishing of them both.

I mean, let’s face it, talking about being scammed is not the most glamorous topic to be discussed. And it is certainly not something that none of us are proud to admit that has happened to us.

But here’s the truth of the matter…

Now please understand that I’m coming from a Christian’s perspective as you continue to read this article.
So with that said…let me continue.

The main three reason why we get scammed.shine the light on scams pic

1. The desire to fulfill physical and emotional needs of the heart, mind, and body.
2. Most of us like and are easily fooled by pretty people, places, or things.
3. We all have egos or prideful tendencies, we love to be stroked, we also want what we want, and we want it now!

The Bible or the Word of God puts it in this fashion.

*The lust of the eyes.
*The lust of the flesh
*The pride of life.

So in its essence, our eyes are not satisfied, we lack self-control and we are too smart for our own good to admit that we lack wisdom. That’s the problem in a nutshell for most of us.

How to stop a scammer in their tracks?

As I said earlier I’m approaching this thing from a Christian heterosexual male point of view. And also as one that has been fooled by a scammer and one that has a tendency to be a fool for a pretty face.

So, what can we do to stop scammers in their tracks? Well, I’m glad you asked… because first, you have to understand that a scam is an elaborate lie. The lie causes the unsuspected to have confidence in something that’s not real or genuine in its nature. And all lies have to be exposed.

How does the lie get exposed?

A lie can only be exposed when the truth is introduced. Look at it this way… The lie is darkness and the truth is the light. When the light is shined in the darkness the darkness is overcome by the light. See the Gospel of John 1:5

Therefore before the scammers can be stopped, it is for those of us who have had the unfortunate displeasure of being hoodwinked, bamboozled or just plain old taken in by one of these con artists.

It is a must that we come forward and warn others by exposing such people that are only out for themselves.

scam exposed picIf you have found yourself on the wrong end of a romance scam, or any type of confidence scam, please don’t think that you are alone. Listen, just about everyone that I know has been conned in one way or another.

And here’s the thing. We are not always dealing with forces that can be seen with the naked eye. And because of these forces knowing what we like as individuals, they target us at our most vulnerable moments and before you know it, bam! We’ve been had.

If you would like to know how we can combat against scammers on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others social media outlets join the community on Facebook at Stop PGS  

You can also let me keep you up to date with our latest scam exposures as I will post weekly updates on this website exposing scams and scammers for who they are. You can learn and read about some of the scammers that have been exposed – here on Chat Con

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