The Ole My Dad’s In The Hospital Scam

TUE 6:11PM

Hi handsome
Hello, my new FB friend. I truly reget that I can’t chat at this moment. But would you do me the honor of liking my page. You can find it here at:

I get hundreds of friend request every week. And the main reason that I accept them is to share the love of Jesus with the people that I meet. My life would be a disaster if not for Him. If you don’t know Him…I pray that you would get to know Him.

Thanks in advance and be blessed.đŸ˜‡
Felton T.

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How are youImage may contain: 1 person, sitting
Good. But I’m still working and driving at rhe moment. I hope you’re doing well.

Yes buzz me when you are free dear

Am waiting

Hi handsome

Good evening boo
Text me then

How are you
Working now
I’m good and you

Am fine
Humble Tochukwu Jackson's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person, selfie and closeupAm Humble tochukwu Jackson from Nigeria a student of university of lagos my parents stay in abuja my mum am 26years old
And you
57 years of age and love Jesus. My children are older than you are. All I can do for you is share the love of Christ with you.

I need some hello from you

I mean help
Can you read?

Will be very greatful
Check this out

Pretty Girls And Scams
Personal Blog
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Hope you Will not avoid me
Why would I?
You’re to young. Why aren’t you talking to guys closer to your age.

This is my dad hospital bill
I need real men who can take care of me
If you need help that what your local church is for.

In any way you can help please do
I’m a real man but I’m not the one that going to take care of you. You need a Savior and His name is Jesus. Trust that.

I do but
You look to be richer than I am anyway

This my dad health
I and mum Will pay you back later
Okay keep talking.

We need some money from you
He needs to undergo the surgery
Yeah I’m sure you do. Keep talking

And we need to make a deposit
In any way you can please do
Wow… what’s wrong with your dad honey?

His critically ill
And in the hospital
oh I’m so sorry for you…

My mum is a retired teacher there pension have not been paid
Keep going

Please even if it means sending down an I.tune card to me
Yeah. Im
I’m sure every little thing that you can get your hands on will help your cause. Wow!

Please i need your help
Even if it means paying you back when my mum get her pension

Hello let save a life please
Chat Conversation End
Type a message…

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