Need I say More?

This is the ole, I viewed your profile and you look interesting to me…

Hello Felton how are you doing this fruitful day? I went through your profile and you sounded good and interesting to me. I loved your pics,you looking stunning,that made me messaged you,I will love to get to know you more and see what the future holds for you and i and with the future i will be looking forward in meeting you soon in person.Hope to hear from you soon,Have a wonderful and a blessed day.

Now this one goes by the name of Sherri Nassir. She claims to be from Acra Ghana.

Fake profile.facebook.comSherri Nasir

But look what else I found out about this one. This profile pic has been used by several different people.

google screenshot of Fake girl.

That’s why I say need I say more?

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