She Said That She Hates Lies-See What Happens Next!

She Said That She Hates Lies-See What Happens Next!

Update: This One Recently took down the Fake pics that I had and replaced them with new fake pics.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and stripes
This is the new fake pic of Mary Popson Hubbard

Mary: Hi

Felton: Hello, my new FB friend. I truly regret that I can’t chat at this moment. It’s only because I’m working or driving or possibly both at the moment. But would you do me the honor of liking my page? You can find it here at:

I get hundreds of friend request every week and I am really grateful that you’re one.😁 The main reason that I accept friends is to share the love of Jesus with the people that I meet. My life would be a disaster if not for Him. If you don’t know Him…I pray that you would get to know Him.

Thanks in advance for liking my page and be blessed.😇

Felton T.

Mary: Thanks for accepting my request I’m new here Facebook suggested you to me that why I sent you a request Hope you don’t mind

Mary: It’s nice meeting you

Felton: The pleasure is mine
Where are you from

Mary: I’m Mary from Hagerstown Maryland

Felton: Felton from Jacksonville Florida

Mary: Wow that cool

Felton: I hope we can chat sometime later. I’m still working and driving at the moment. I look forward to hearing from you again soon. Bye for now😇

Mary: Okay
You are welcome
Text me when you are free


This is a pic of Lisa Morales Duke being used as fake profile pic of someone calling his or herself Mary Popson Hubbard From Maryland


Felton: I sure will… Very nice pic
Here’s the most important thing that you should know about me…I love Jesus and I’m 57 yesrs of age. I am not ashamed of Jesus and I’m not ashamed of my age.


A pic of me was here…

This is me today. 3/2/2018
Bye for now😇

FRI 3:17 PM
Mary: Hello you look good

Wow you handsome

Mary: I’m really looking forward to meet a man like you
I want a God fearing man
That won’t cheat or hurt me
I’m really happy meeting you

Mary: Are you busy

I’m Mary 28 years from Hagerstown Maryland I’m single never married no kids I’m really looking forward to meet a honest caring loving and trustworthy and God fearing man to be with for the rest of my life….. Felton age is ordinary a number with trust and respect everything can work fine

fake pic of mary Popson Hubbard Con Artist
This is a pic of Lisa Morales Duke being used as fake profile pic of someone calling his or herself Mary Popson Hubbard From Maryland


Mary: Please talk to me need you here
Have I done anything wrong
Don’t be mad at me, please

Felton: Yeah, honesty and being the truth is at the top of my list when it comes to relationships. I’m

Felton: Not ignoring you. I’m still working and driving at the moment. Off at 7 pm if you still wish to chat.
Be blessed of the Lord…And remember He loves you with an unfailing love.


FRI 4:57 PM
Mary: Okay
Gonna meet you by 7

FRI 10:31 PM
Mary: You didn’t get back to me

Felton: It wasn’t because I didn’t want too, Forgive me

Mary: Okay you welcome
Hope your day was not too stressful

Felton: It wasn’t, thanks for your concern

Fake Facebook profile pic of Mary Popson Hubbard
Not Mary Popson Hubbard. This is actually a beautiful model and fitness goddess Lisa Morales Duke.

how was yours?


Mary: Bored

Felton: That’s amazing to me. That such a beautiful young lady such as yourself could find time to be bored.

Mary: Yes I’m bored
Mary: I don’t really talk to people on here but I can see you are a responsible man on you pictures
That why
Mary: I hate lies

Felton: Pictures can be deceiving, They can’t tell you what’s in a person’s heart

Mary: Wow yes that right
Felton: Most people say they hate lies
Mary: I can see you are a God-fearing man in your profile

Felton: I am
Felton: God’s not to be mocked

Mary: That why I’m keeping my time for you
Felton: He has a long arm

Mary: Yes
Mary: He is a merciful God
Felton: well the thing is God is merciful but He is also a Holy God and he is a God of justice as well.
God is the only one with perfect balance.

Felton: It’s been a good day but it has also been a long one for me. So please forgive for cutting our time short.

Mary: Okay
Mary: You welcome

Felton: There are a few things that I must attend to before I retire
Mary: What that sir
Mary: What do you do for living

Felton: I have some work to do on a website that I need to get ready for publishing
Mary: Ohh really

Felton: I work for a truck parts company here in Jax FL

Mary: Ohh okay that a good job

Felton: I do websites for a hobby
Mary: Okay
Mary: Are you single if I may ask

Felton: Yes I am
Mary: Wow how come you become singlrb

Felton: Wasn’t always a good person. I wasn’t a good husband

Mary: Why how

Felton: I’ll tell you about some other time
Felton: I have to go for now though

Mary: Okay
Mary: Do you have a hangout account

Felton: Have a peaceful night okay
Mary: Yes and you too
Chat with you tomorrow
2:34 AM
Mary: Good morning to you
2:47 PM
Mary: Hi
Mary: How are you doing

Felton: I’m not ignoring you. I just have some pressing events at the moment. Thanks for understanding.😇
4:37 PM
Mary: Ohh okay
Mary: That cool hun just wanna ask if you are fine and I’m really missing you here
10:53 PM

Just so you know… Here are some more photos of the lovely Lisa Morales Duke. Remember the first pic that this person that calls herself Mary sent to me? Well, take a look at this. This is the one that said that she hates lies.

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